Monkey Juice

Our development team is made up of top-notch talent that is focused on bringing a unique line of full flavor  Monkey Juice (ejuice).

We offer many unique, stylish vaping units for all your vaping needs.  We strive to provide only top quality products with affordable prices.


"I have been vaping with Vape Monkey products and am so happy and satisfied with there awesome tasting Monkey Juice and love my Bling Bling  unit it is actually pretty to look at."

- Lisa Wood


"I LOVE  Vape Monkey they carry top quality products at great prices plus there Monkey Juice is incredible full flavor with huge vape"

- Joseph Ward

"So much to choose from with Vape Monkey all there products are stylish and unique."

- Jeanie McLain




Must Be 18 to purchase



Ed and Lisa are proud to introduce Vape Monkey.  Vape Monkey is offering quality, stylish and unique personal vaporizers and vaping supplies.  We provide smokers with an alternative that still allows you to enjoy smoking without being left out in the cold by society.  Make the switch today and you will see savings with our line of products.  We also have a unique great tasting line of Monkey Juice for all your vaping needs.  Here at Vape Monkey we strive to bring our customers a helpful and professional buying experience.  We know for beginners it is all very difficult to understand and we will answer any questions you may have.  You have a choice.  Freedom is ours again.  Take yours back and save money in the process.  Make the switch to Vaping with Vape Monkey!!  Call and order today!! (843)877-5147

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